Houston Childcare Injury Lawyer, Houston TX Accident Attorney: Childcare injury types can range from a small bruise to a full-blown broken leg or arm. Whatever the injury, as long as they occurred within the confines of the daycare, serious action plans should be considered in order to prevent them. Though no daycare center is without its risks, they can be lessened if due diligence is undertaken. 

Risk Assessment

An assessment of all the risks that may lead to childcare injury should be initiated. Daycare management, together with professionals and consultants, should do a walkabout around the daycare operations area and make a list of possible day care accident risks. An analysis should be done afterwards, ranking the highest risks with an action plan for each of the items. 


The top priority of the risk assessment should be to childproof the area. This can be done by:

  • Minimizing the use of glass and other breakable products;
  • Eliminating all flammable and combustible materials;
  • Eliminating chemicals that may lead to poisoning;
  • Getting rid of toys and other materials that may become choke hazards;
  • Installing safety gates;
  • Installing rubberized floor and edges;
  • Covering all electrical power outlets;

By accomplishing the childproofing steps mentioned above, the risk of childcare injury can be greatly reduced. 

Staff Training

The possibility of childcare injury should be a concern that all daycare staff should be aware of. A special training program on how to spot childcare injury risks should be mandatory for all staff. As daycare employees learn about the day care accident risks, they should also be given an insight on their prevention. Additionally, first aid and emergency preparedness training programs will give daycare staff the capacity to manage and handle childcare injury situations as they occur. 

Staying Vigilant

No amount of childproofing and training programs will prevent childcare injury if the adults, whose supervision of the children is the essence of the daycare, are remiss in their duties and responsibilities. Each staff should assert ownership of each situation they are in and aim to zero-out childcare injury, even the minor ones, in their watch. Attention to detail and a caring attitude should be demanded from all in charge of caring for the children. Each employee should be aware that the prevention of childcare injury starts with them. If the adults in the area are doing their job, staying vigilant while avoiding risks, then the daycare will become a childcare

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