Houston electrical accident lawyer: An electrical accident or electrocution in Texas is caused by electricity unleashed to the wrong place, practically a place with a person around. An electrical accident occurs if electricity is unmanaged and a person nearby sustains physical damage or dies due to electrocution.

It is no question that an electrical accident is common. Just look at all the things around you that require electricity: electrical appliances like heaters, flat irons, refrigerators, electrical wiring, your home’s electric box, electric plugs, switches, and power lines. This is a world where electricity is a necessity, but if not used properly and without precaution, may cause damage to people. So, what needs to be done to prevent an electrocution accident from happening?

Reminder No. 1: Determine Electrical Hazards

Inside your home, there is a great possibility that an electrical accident may occur. That is, if you do not know how to deal with all the electrical stuff.

Hazard 1: Wet hands and Switches

Hazard 2: Damaged cords and older style plugs

Reminder No 2: Perform Safety Precautions against hazards

Hazard 1: If you are using heating appliances and suddenly power goes out, be sure to unplug the appliances. Fires and electrical accident are caused by unexpected power returning to your home where the appliances are still plugged.

Hazard 2: Switch off an appliance before pulling out the plug. Moreover, do not yank the cord, grasp the plug instead. Pulling the cord will increase the chance of your body being electrocuted by electrical accident.

Reminder No. 3: With all precautions present, but a person is still electrocuted, act quick

An electrical accident is fatal if 1.) The electricity in the body is overwhelming and the person is soaked and 2.) If there is no one to rescue you.

So, what do you do in the face of an electrical accident? Use quick wit.

  1. Unplug the culprit. Before touching the victim, unplug anything electric he is holding. Remember that an electrocuted person is similarly electrifying, so do not touch him if there is still any electricity flowing.
  2. If it is not a plug, free the person from electricity by using dry stick, board, rope, plastic pipe, clothing, or other non-conducting device. DO IT IMMEDIATELY.

Be sure you are dry and protected. Dry yourself, and do not go barefooted. If you do not follow this rule, chances are both you and the initial person will end up electrical accident victims.

  1. The first three minutes after electrocution is vital. Check if the victim is conscious. If he is not breathing, perform resuscitation. Also, call help immediately.

A final word: use common sense and utmost care when dealing with electricity. And if you are not an expert, do not try fixing anything electrical. That is the best way to avoid an electrical accident.

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