Houston slip and fall lawyer – Houston TX premises liability attorney: It is not possible to eliminate the risks of having a premises liability such as slip and fall accident – one hundred percent. However, it is possible to reduce those risks. The premise or establishment owner just needs to take some time and do some necessary assessment, planning, and implementation and all will be well. Here are some tips that can be followed so premises liability brought about by slip and fall accidents can be aptly avoided:

  • Proper Housekeeping

Proper housekeeping should be done regularly or every now and then. It is the first and most important strategy that owners of any establishment should always consider. Proper housekeeping includes cleaning up spills immediately to avoid premises liability. Doing this regularly will also allow you to check if there are any parts of the establishment that needs fixing.

  • Keeping the Flooring Maintained

The floors should be checked to know if they are safe and maintained. Regularly maintained floors have reduced chances of incurring premises liability accidents. Slippery floors may give slip and fall injury to a person even though care is exhibited. You need to modify the floors if possible upon assessment to give the utmost convenience to the people passing in your establishment. If it is not possible, just make sure that a signage is always there and housekeeping is done more often. This will prevent incurring premises liability.


  • Footwear

Proper footwear should be advised to all your employees. Disseminate information about the importance of wearing proper footwear to avoid premises liability as well as slip and fall accidents.


  • Use signages and warning posters wherever and whenever needed.

To further avoid premises liability, always ensure that proper signages and posters are posted wherever and whenever needed in your premises or establishment. This will ensure that no one will get hurt or be in an accident, while maintenance or cleaning is going on in your establishment. If ever there are also broken stuff in your premise that may cause harm or accident such as cracked floors, proper warnings will avoid you of any premises liability if someone still carelessly ignores your warnings and gets into an accident.

Premises liability can be avoided if everybody will just pay attention to what they are doing at all times. Perhaps, if you are the one who owns an establishment, be aware of your responsibilities to avoid further premises liability cases. Slip and fall accidents can be avoided. All that needs to be done is proper planning, information dissemination, and strict implementation.

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